When you see a skip bin, you usually think construction rubble removal or commercial waste, such as in the case of a shopping centre, however, skip bins are actually an effective rubbish removal solution for any business. If you think your rubbish isn’t enough to fill a skip, there are mini skip bins which take a smaller load, and can cater not only for smaller businesses but also for the residential market.

The benefits of a skip rental solution for your business are plentiful, here are just 5 of many:


Environmentally friendly waste removal process

A great benefit of skip hire services is tghat it is in fact an environmentally friendly method of getting rid of waste materials, in a hassle-free manner. Proper waste treatment methods are used in order to eliminate the rubbish with skip hire services like Skips 4 Africa recycling the materials such as plastic that are recyclable.


A simple way to comply with waste removal laws

There are many laws regarding waste disposal, and hiring a skip saves you time and money and ensures you comply with the relevant waste removal laws by dumping your waste at legitimate waste disposal sites, so that you don’t need to go through the hassle of taking multiple trips to the dump sites, or put your staff at risk because, let’s face it rubbish disposal can be an unhygienic and risky business, that none of your staff should have to be exposed too.


Get waste removed on your own schedule

With traditional local garbage collection services, you’re stuck having to store your garbage until their next round in your area, whereas with a skip rental solution, you can choose when you want your skip collected for dumping meaning that you can keep your office clear of garbage all the time, rather than waiting for “bin day”.


Highly affordable removal solution

With skip hire services, your budget doesn’t need to be a large one because skip hire services are an affordable way to remove your waste, no matter what your waste is, whether it’s paper, construction rubble, electronics, boxes or any other bits of trash lying around the office.


Sizing options to suit your removal needs

No matter what your requirements are, with skips, there is a bin to meet your needs. At Skips 4 Africa, we offer three bin sizes – 6, 11 and 28 cubic metres.

If you’re a business and need a skip rental service near you, then contact Skips 4 Africa, Gauteng’s preferred skips rental service provider.